I have worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for over 35 years. My early experience came from working in New York City for approximately 11 years beginning in the 1980's. I worked for most of the major book publishers doing both design and production of books and marketing materials. I returned to the Portland area 26 years ago where I have continued to do graphic design as well as technical illustration and marketing. Most recently I have focused my attention on web development and I am in the process of learning javascript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Wordpress.


W3C Schools 2013-Present
Portland CC, Mt Hood CC Portland, Oregon 2013-2014
Pratt Institute New York, New York 1981-1984—1989-1990
B.F.A. Drawing/School of Architecture/Graduate School of Printmaking
University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon 1977-1979
B.A. Drawing/Painting


1993-2021 Self-Employed/Freelance, Portland
2000-2012 Cascade Corporation, Portland
2000-2001 Graphics West, Portland
1998-2001 Freightliner Corporation, Portland
1998-2001 Publication Services Incorporated, Portland
1997-2000 Interactive Composition Corporation, Portland
1995-1998 Newsage Press, Portland
1995-1997 ETP/Harrison Technical Publishing, Portland
1996-1997 Vollum Institute, Oregon Health Sciences University
1991-1993 Pluzynski Associates, New York
1990-1991 Inc. Design, New York
1989-1992 Book of the Month Club Inc., New York
1986-1992 Prentice Hall Press, New York
1986-1991 Simon and Schuster Publishing Company, New York
1987-1988 Paragon House Publishing Company, New York
1984-1986 Doubleday Publishing Company, New York


Computer Graphics: (Adobe-CS6) Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Flash, QuarkXpress, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver and Microsoft Office
Web Development: CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, PHP and mySQL
Architectural Presentations: Digital, Watercolor, Pen and Pencil
Photography: Digital Color, Black and White
Graphic Design: Book Design, Catalogs, Logos, Brochures, Advertisements, Corporate Literature
Illustrations: Technical, Medical, Scientific, Charts and Graphs
Printmaking: Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts

* References available upon request